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Research Data Repository Policies

The University of Essex Research Data Management Policy http://www.essex.ac.uk/reo/documents/rdm-policy.pdf) sets out how research data at the University of Essex is managed throughout the data lifecycle so as to ensure transparency and appropriate access, supporting the UK Research Councils' requirements and Freedom of Information legislation, while ensuring that the research process is not damaged by any inappropriate release of data.

Research Data Repository Data Deposit Terms & Conditions

Definitions and Interpretation

In this Agreement the following words and phrases have the following meanings:

  1. Agreement: this document including all of its terms and conditions.
  2. Non-exclusive licence: the right to hold, distribute and make copies of the Work but not to prevent its use or publication elsewhere.
  3. Work: dataset being deposited including data, documentation and any additional files.
  4. Documentation: Any materials which accompany and provide information about the data. This could include metadata.
  5. Depositor: the person or persons placing the Work in the repository.
  6. University: the University of Essex of Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, CO4 3SQ.

Deposit Terms and Conditions

By accepting the terms and conditions, I, the Depositor:

  1. Confirm that I am the owner of the copyright and associated intellectual property rights in the whole Work (including content and layout) to authorise this Agreement; or am otherwise lawfully entitled to authorise this Agreement on behalf of each and every owner.
  2. Confirm that the Work is not and shall be in no way a violation or infringement of any copyright, trademark, patent or intellectual property right whatsoever of any person(s) or organisation.
  3. Grant a non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to Essex Research Data Repository (a service of the University of Essex and not a separate legal entity) of Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, CO4 3SQ (the "University") to hold, make copies of, and disseminate copies of the Work, in accordance with the specified access conditions. In the event of the University of Essex ceasing to be a legal entity, this licence will be transferred to its successors.

The Depositor shall promptly notify the Repository Administrator by email of:

any change of copyright ownership affecting the Work;
any confidentiality, privacy or data protection issues pertaining to the Work;
any change of contact details.

The Repository's Rights and Responsibilities

The University shall:

  1. Make copies of the Work available for distribution worldwide in an electronic form, for the purpose of free access without charge for research and learning purposes, under the file-level conditions specified by the data owner at the time of deposit.
  2. Electronically store, translate, copy or re-arrange the Work to ensure its future preservation and accessibility, unless notified by the Depositor that specific restrictions apply.
  3. Not be under any obligation to reproduce, transmit, broadcast or display the Work in the same formats or resolutions as that in which it was originally deposited.
  4. Retain the right to remove all or any part of the Work if it is found to be in breach of the law. A metadata record that cites the Work will remain visible.
  5. Request users publishing any work based in whole or in part on the Work to include a clear reference to the dataset (citation), acknowledging the original data creators, Depositors or copyright holders.
  6. Not be under any obligation to take legal action on behalf of the Depositor or other rights-holders in the event of breach of any intellectual property rights or any other right in the Work deposited.
  7. Take every care to preserve the physical integrity of the Work but shall incur no liability, either express or implicit for the Work or for the loss of or damage to any of the Work or any of its associated data.


Any notice may be delivered in writing to the address supplied/provided by the Depositor and shall be deemed to have been served when confirmation of receipt is received from the system of the recipient. If no reply is received to a notice under this Agreement, the consent of the recipient will be deemed to have been given after thirty (30) days have elapsed from the issue of that notice.

Use Terms and Conditions

Datasets are licensed under the Depositor's choice of Creative Commons or Open Data Commons licence or software licence. The Use Terms and Conditions are defined by the selected licence and are specified for each data file in the repository.